A Taste Of Time: Inox Cuttack

A Taste Of Time: Inox Cuttack
If you're ever in Cuttack, it's worth checking out Inox Cuttack ZAHEERABAD. This restaurant
offers a unique dining experience that is sure to tantalize your taste buds. You'll get a glimpse
into the history and culture of India while you enjoy your meal.
ZAHEERABAD – Inox Cuttack
ZAHEERABAD, a small town in the Cuttack district of Orissa, is known for its exquisite Inox

Today, the tradition continues with the sixth generation of the family
business – Inox Cuttack ZAHEERABAD.

The ZAHEERABAD brand has a reputation for quality and innovation in the field of cutlery. As
a result, their products are in high demand all over India and abroad.

The company's cutting-edge technology facility enables it to design and manufacture a wide
range of cutlery products, from standard knives to high-end kitchen knives. The facility also
manufactures Cutlery Sets and Cutlery Blocks, which are popular among home chefs.
If you're looking for exceptional quality and innovation in your next set of kitchen knives, be
sure to check out the ZAHEERABAD brand!


The city of ZAHEERABAD was founded in the year 1436 by Mir Jumla, the then ruler of the
Bengal Sultanate. With a population of over one million, it is today one of the largest and most
prosperous towns in Odisha.

The history of ZAHEERABAD can be traced back to the time when
the region was ruled by the Buddhist kings of Kalinga.

by the Rashtrakuta dynasty, who ruled until 1075. The Muslim rulers followed soon after, until
the reign of Emperor Akbar in 1592.

It remained permanently under Indian rule until it was occupied by British forces in 1803.

The modern city of ZAHEERABAD owes its existence to two factors-its locations on a trade
route between Eastern India and Tibet, and its importance as a center for learning Islamic law. In
1811, ZAHEERABAD became the capital of an enlarged province that encompassed present-day
Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. As a result

What to Expect at ZAHEERABAD

If you are looking for a delicious and authentic experience in Cuttack, ZAHEERABAD is the
perfect place to visit. With its wide variety of restaurants, you’re sure to find something to your
liking. Here are just a few of the highlights you can expect while visiting this restaurant hub:

• A taste of time at ZAHEERABAD:

Since this is a historic city, it’s only fitting that there are
restaurants that pay tribute to its rich cultural heritage. From traditional Bengali eateries to
international cuisines, there’s something for everyone at ZAHEERABAD.

• An evening out with friends:

When it comes to dining out, nothing is better than spending an
evening with friends.

The Cuisines at ZAHEERABAD

There are many cuisines available in ZAHEERABAD. The following is a list of some of the
most popular ones.

Bengali cuisine:

rich flavor and variety. It features several types of dishes, including Chicken Biryani, Fish curry,
and vegetable curry.

Hindi cuisine:


Malvi cuisine:

Located in the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh in central India, Malvi cuisine is
known for its sweet and sour dishes made with lentils and spices.

The Ambience at ZAHEERABAD

traditional buildings. It's also home to Inox Cuttack, one of the cities 's most popular restaurants.
The restaurant has an airy and light-filled atmosphere with soft music playing in the background.

The menu features a variety of dishes inspired by regional cuisine from Odisha. Highlights
include chicken tikka masala and naan bread cooked in garlic and ginger sauces. The dishes are
served with steamed rice and mint chutney.

If you're looking for an intimate dining experience or want to taste some of the city's signature
dishes, Inox Cuttack is definitely worth checking out.

The People at ZAHEERABAD

ZAHEERABAD is one of the oldest and most popular towns in the Cuttack district. The town has a
rich history dating back to the days of the Raja dynasty. The people at ZAHEERABAD are

known for their warm and welcoming nature. They are proud of their heritage and culture and
are always happy to share their stories and experiences with visitors.


A Taste of Time is a culinary exploration that takes you on a journey through time, across
cultures and continents. The restaurant features cuisine from India, Morocco, Thailand and more.
If you're
of Time is definitely worth checking out!

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