Tidelands Season 2 Cancelled: This Is How Fans Reacted

TV series Tidelands was cancelled after just one season, and fans are not happy. The show, which was released on Netflix, starred Charlotte Best and Adelaide Kane, and followed the residents of a small town who were revealed to be mermaids. Many fans took to social media to express their disappointment with the decision, with some even starting petitions in hopes of getting the show renewed. However, it seems unlikely that Tidelands will be coming back for a second season.

Tidelands Season 2 Cancelled

It was recently announced that Tidelands, the Australian fantasy drama series, has been cancelled after just one season. The show was produced by Netflix and starred Charlotte Best, Paulo Costanzo, and Mattias Inwood.

Fans of the show have taken to social media to express their disappointment with the news. Many believe that the show deserved a second season, and some are even calling for a petition to be started in order to get Netflix to change their decision.

While it is unlikely that Tidelands will be revived, fans can take comfort in knowing that they are not alone in their love for the show.

How Fans Reacted

When it was announced that Tidelands would not be returning for a second season, fans were devastated. The show had been a hit with viewers, and its cancellation came as a huge surprise.

Fans of the show took to social media to express their disappointment. Many of them started petitions calling for Netflix to reverse its decision and bring Tidelands back for another season. Some even threatened to cancel their Netflix subscriptions if the show was not renewed.

It’s clear that fans of Tidelands are very passionate about the show. They are disappointed and angry about its cancellation. However, it seems unlikely that Netflix will change its mind at this point.

What the Show Was About

The show Tidelands was about a group of merpeople who lived in a small town called Orphelin Bay. The town was located off the coast of Australia.

The show followed the lives of the merpeople as they navigated their way through human-like problems, such as love, loss, and betrayal. The show also explored the dark side of the merfolk world, such as murder and deceit.

Tidelands was an interesting and unique show that captured the imaginations of many fans.

Why the Show Was Cancelled

The show Tidelands was cancelled due to poor ratings. The show aired on Netflix and was not popular with viewers.

Some fans of the show are upset that it was cancelled. They enjoyed the unique setting and the mystery elements of the show. However, others are not surprised that it was cancelled. They felt that the show was poorly written and not very interesting.

It is always disappointing when a show is cancelled, especially when it is one that fans were hoping would be successful. However, sometimes a show just doesn’t connect with viewers for one reason or another. In the case of Tidelands, it seems that the poor ratings ultimately doomed the show.

What the Cast and Crew Had to Say

The cast and crew of Tidelands were understandably disappointed when the show was cancelled. However, they were quick to express their gratitude to the fans who had supported the show.

Lead actress Charlotte Best said, “I just want to say a massive thank you to every single one of our fans. Your support has been amazing. We’re so grateful to have had such a passionate fan base.”

Creator Stephen M. Irwin echoed these sentiments, saying, “Thank you so much to our incredible fans. We’re so grateful for your support and we hope you enjoyed the ride.”

It’s clear that the cast and crew of Tidelands appreciate their fans. Even though the show was cancelled, they are thankful for the support that they received.

How Tidelands Could Have Been Saved

There is no doubt that Tidelands could have been saved. The show had a lot of potential and was well-liked by fans. However, there were several factors that led to its cancellation.

First, the show was expensive to produce. It was shot in Australia, which is a very expensive country to shoot in. Also, the show had a large cast and crew, which added to the cost.

Second, the ratings for Tidelands were not as good as the network hoped they would be. The first season averaged only about 1 million viewers per episode. This is not enough to justify the show’s high cost.

Third, Tidelands was released on Netflix, which is a platform that is not as widely watched as traditional television. This meant that fewer people saw the show and it did not generate as much buzz as a show that aired on a major network would have.

Fourth, the show was released during the summer, which is typically a slow time for television viewing. This meant that it had less competition from other shows and should have been able to draw in more viewers. However, this did not happen.

Overall, there are many reasons why Tidelands was


Many fans of the Tidelands TV show were disappointed when it was announced that Season 2 had been cancelled. However, some fans saw the cancellation as an opportunity to catch up on the first season, which they hadn’t yet seen. Overall, it seems that most fans are sad to see the show go but are grateful for the time they had with it.

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