What Is Jmespath Online, And What Can It Be Used For?

Jmespath is a query language for JSON. It can be used for processing log files, configuration files, and any other type of file that contains JSON data.


What is Jmespath Online?

Jmespath Online is an online tool that can be used to query and manipulate JSON data. It is based on the JMESPath specification, which defines a standard way of accessing and manipulating JSON data. can be used to perform various operations on JSON data, such as extracting values, checking for existence of keys, or converting JSON data to another format.
How do I use Jmespath Online ?

To use Jmespath Online, simply enter a valid  expression in the search box and click the “Evaluate” button. The results of the expression will be displayed in the results pane.

Can I save my JMESPath expressions?

Yes, you can save your JMESPath expressions by clicking the “Save” button. The saved expressions will be stored in your browser’s local storage and will be available the next time you visit Jmespath Online.

What can be used for?

Jmespath Online can be used to query and manipulate data in JSON format.

Jmespath is a query language for JSON that enables you to select and extract data from a JSON document. The web application provides a user-friendly interface for querying JSON data.

To use  enter a valid JSON string in the input box, then click the “Run” button.
Jmespath Online supports the following features:

– Queries can be saved and shared with others
– Syntax highlighting and autocomplete for queries
– Query results can be exported as CSV or JSON

Alternatives to Jmespath Online

If you’re not interested in using  there are plenty of other ways to parse and query JSON data. Here are some popular alternatives:

– JSONPath: https://goessner.net/articles/JsonPath/
– jq: https://stedolan.github.io/jq/
– yajl: http://lloyd.github.io/yajl/


Whether you’re a developer or a data analyst, Jmespath Online can help you get the most out of your data. Give it a try today and see what it can do for you!

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