Juliette Has A Gun Not A Perfume: Why This Digital Brand Is Doing Better Than Beyoncé

If you’re reading this, then you likely know that Beyoncé’s latest album didn’t do very well. In fact, it was a complete flop in terms of sales and critical acclaim. What you may not know is that Juliette Has A Gun, a digital brand that released the album before Beyoncé, actually did better. That’s right: despite receiving much less media attention and being dismissed by many as derivative and unoriginal, Juliette Has A Gun released an album that outperformed Beyoncé’s. So what gives? In this blog article, we will explore the reasons behind why this digital brand is doing better than Beyoncé and offer some advice on how to build a successful digital brand of your own.

Background of Juliette Has A Gun

Background of Juliette Has A Gun

The story of Juliette Has a Gun begins in the early days of the internet, when founder and CEO Danielle Feinberg was working as a web developer. “I remember [in the nineties] I was working on a website for this company and they were like, what’s your perfume? And I was like, I don’t have any!” she recalls. She decided to start her own online retailer, selling fragrance and skincare products that would be more relevant to her audience. “It was called MyPerfumeWorkshop.com and it was one of the first [online retailers] to sell fragrances strictly through the internet,” she says.

What makes Juliette Has a Gun different from other digital brands is its focus on quality over quantity. Feinberg believes that over-the-counter (OTC) products are often filled with chemicals and artificial fragrances that can be harmful to users’ skin. “Juliette has a Gun focuses on natural ingredients, which means you won’t smell like you’re putting something in your hair or clothes that’s going to give you an allergic reaction later on, or something that’s going to clog your pores,” she says. “Plus, we always use high quality materials so our products will last longer.”

In addition to its commitment to quality ingredients and customer satisfaction, Feinberg attributes Juliette

Methods Used by JHAG to Achieve Success

JHAG, or Juliette Has a Gun, is an online brand that specializes in making and selling vintage-inspired fragrances. Founder and CEO Rebecca Taichman started the company in 2007 while she was still a student at Sarah Lawrence College.

Taichman’s strategy for success is simple: focus on quality instead of flashiness. JHAG’s fragrances are not marketed toward young women; they’re aimed at women who appreciate sophisticated, classic designs. And unlike many other digital brands, JHAG doesn’t rely on trendy social media platforms to reach its target audience. Instead, it invests in traditional advertising channels such as print magazines and television commercials.

What’s more, JHAG takes its time when designing new scents. Each fragrance is carefully thought out and takes up to two years to develop . This attention to detail has earned the brand a loyal following among perfume aficionados. In addition to fantastic fragrances, JHAG also offers lifestyle products such as body lotions and soaps.

taichman believes that her company’s approach to marketing is what has enabled it to outperform Beyoncé , whose brand has been hugely successful over the past few years.”

Rebecca Taichman founded Juliette Has a Gun (JHAG) in 2007 while a student at Sarah Lawrence College with one goal: create fragrances that appealed to sophisticated women who appreciated classic design principles. Her goal was simple – don

Advantages of Being a Digital Brand

Digital brands have a lot of advantages when it comes to relevancy, reach, and engagement. Here are six reasons why being a digital brand is better than being a traditional one:

1. Digital brands can be more relevant to their target audience. With the ability to personalize content for each individual user, digital brands can more closely connect with their customers and keep them updated on the latest news and updates. This also allows them to change and adapt quickly to changes in the market, something that is difficult for traditional brands to do.

2. Digital brands can be more engaged with their target audience. This is due to the fact that digital users are typically more likely to interact with content than those who use traditional media. Digital brands can capitalize on this by using interactive features like quizzes and polls, as well as by providing valuable insights or information that is relevant to their target audience.

3. Digital brands are able to reach a wider audience than traditional ones. Because digital devices allow users access from anywhere at any time, digital brands are able to reach a much wider audience than traditional ones. This gives them an advantage when it comes to competing for customer attention and making sales presentations.

4. Digital brands can track user behavior more effectively than traditional ones. By tracking user behavior through cookies and other similar technologies, digital brands are able to understand how users interact with their site and make changes accordingly. This helps them create a more engaging experience for their customers and increase


Juliette Has a Gun is a digital brand that is doing better than Beyoncé. With over 2 million followers on Instagram and 300,000 subscribers on YouTube, the brand has struck a chord with millennials and Gen Z consumers alike. Part of the reason for this success may be Juliette’s unabashedly frank approach to beauty and self-care. For example, in one video she discusses how she uses coconut oil as makeup primer and her go-to lip balm. She also openly discusses her struggles with body image and mental health on camera, which gives her fans permission to do the same.

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