anIs New York Setting Up the Correct Cannabis Testing Labs for Consumer Safety?

anIs New York Setting Up the Correct Cannabis Testing Labs for Consumer Safety?

Testing labs are a pivotal part of the regulation and establishment of guidelines when it comes to
acceptable products in the cannabis industry. New York has been intense with its approach towards the
effectiveness of its  marijuana testing labs. This is even more important as the state looks to open its
recreational markets and take a new step in advancing its cannabis industry. Read on as we take a closer
look into the testing labs available in the state and the designation of their functions.

New York Cannabis Industry

As we all know, cannabis is still regarded as illegal by the federal government, but the states have
weighed in to legalize it to different degrees. Some states have fully established recreational and
medicinal marijuana markets while some are still limited to medicinal marijuana markets only.

New York has had a well-established medicinal marijuana market  for quite some time now. However, the state is
now set to legalize adult use of the natural product and it is doing all it needs to get ready for it. One of
the important aspects is regulations and this lies majorly with testing labs.

There is a huge demand for marijuana products and so it is the duty of regulatory agencies to ensure the
quality of the products. This is what the cannabis industry seeks to achieve with the use of testing labs
where the quality and safety of proposed products are ensured. Before products can be made available
to the public as oils, edibles, and topicals, the concentration of the proposed products must be
ascertained. Likewise, the product must also be tested to ensure that it doesn’t contain unwanted
contaminants such as pesticides and other unwanted foreign materials.

Marijuana testing labs have gradually created a niche for themselves in the cannabis industry. The sector
is gradually maturing within the cannabis industry and a number of competent labs are springing up.
These labs help to provide quality quantitative data for producers and consumers. These data will then
be serves as a basis for regulations of products. Marijuana testing labs check for the limits of heavy
metals, microbial matter, and environmental contamination present in cannabis products. This they do
alongside providing testing services for the potency of cannabinoids present in the product.

Marijuana Testing Labs

Cannabis testing labs are exploding on the scene in the cannabis industry in New York. These labs are
increasing as there is a further need for their services to facilitate the works of the cannabis industry.
The third-party labs are being certified by appropriate regulatory bodies based on their proprietary
methods. Private firms are exploring the potential in the analysis and testing arms of the cannabis
industry. The byproduct of this is that more marijuana testing labs are springing up daily.
New York plays host to numerous testing labs that operate with different analytical methods to test
cannabis products for manufacturers. These manufacturers are then offered certificates of analysis for
all the tests performed on the products. these certificates can be presented to regulatory bodies for
licensing and approval of the products. The tests carried out are by methods approved by the Food and

Drug Administration, Department of Agriculture, Food Safety and Inspection Services, and Association of
Analytical Chemists.

New York is also seeing the conversion of some old analytical labs into marijuana testing labs. This is
after such labs have met the stipulated requirements of the regulatory bodies. Recently, a former state
prison in Orange County has been converted into a cannabis testing lab. The lab is known as Kaycha labs
and the repurposing of the prison just shows the height of the demand for cannabis testing labs.

New York Marijuana Testing Regulations
A good relationship exists between third-party cannabis testing labs and the Office of Cannabis
Management in New York. This has created room for an influx of many labs as the requirement for
licensing and operations are not stringent. Likewise, the desired results by the regulatory bodies allow
the testing labs to use different proprietary methods since they are approved by appropriate analytical

There have been recent changes to the marijuana testing regulations as it is being controlled by the
Office of Cannabis Management (OCM). The body had initially set testing limits for bacteria, yeast, and
mould over marijuana products. These limits however proved to be very hard to maintain for most
marijuana growers. They recently made this displeasure known as it was hampering the development of
their product and its eventual transition into the market. The OCM has therefore decided to remove
these limits completely from its Laboratory Testing Limits document. This means unextracted cannabis
products in the state will no longer be required to pass limits for Total Viable Aerobic Bacteria Count and
Total Yeast and Mold Count.
This latest development is a relaxation in the stringent guidelines manufacturers have to put their
products past before they can be acceptable. It must still be stated that the labs will still be asked to run
these tests however there will not be defined limits for them to pass. The licensee will then interpret the
results and do the needful based on the results and possible risk of the product to consumers’ health.
There is however a risk of this new move reducing the standards and quality of products made available
within the state but that remains to be seen.
The prominence of testing labs in New York is slowly being mirrored in other states with sizeable
populations. This is because the continuous growth and expansion of the cannabis industry require their
operations to maintain and validate the quality of products available. There is also a need for
collaborative efforts between these testing labs and appropriate state cannabis regulatory bodies. This
is readily seen in New York which is why more cannabis testing labs are domiciled there. An increase in
this synergy will be good news for the progress of the cannabis industry at large.

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