A Visual Guide To The Most Epic Berserk Manga Panels – A Must-Read For Fans!


Are you an avid fan of the legendary manga series, Berserk? If so, then you know how deeply its story and visuals can make an impact on readers. The world of Berserk is full of epic moments that have been captured in some truly remarkable panels. From Guts’ battles with demons to Griffith’s iconic transformation, these moments are a thrill to see. In this blog post, we will be taking a look at some of the most visually stunning panels from the series. We’ll explore why they stand out, what makes them iconic, and more! So strap yourselves in and get ready for a visual journey through one of the most beloved manga series of all time!

The Best Berserk Manga Panels

If you’re a fan of Berserk, then you know that the manga is filled with some of the most epic panels out there. And while we could spend all day talking about them, we thought we’d compile a list of our favorites for you to enjoy.

So without further ado, here are 10 of the best Berserk manga panels:

1. The Black Swordsman vs. The White Knight

This panel perfectly captures the intensity of the battle between Guts and Griffith. From the expressions on their faces to the way the swords clash in mid-air, it’s clear that this is a fight to the death.

2. Casca’s Transformation

The moment when Casca transforms into a monstrous beast is both horrifying and heartbreaking. It’s a reminder of the tragedy that befell her and how far she’s fallen from her former self.

3. Guts vs. Femto

The final showdown between Guts and Griffith/Femto is one of the most epic scenes in Berserk. It’s a brutal battle that leaves both men bloodied and battered, but in the end, only one can prevail.

4. The Eclipse Begins

The start of the Eclipse is one of the most iconic moments in Berserk. It sets up the events that will change Guts’ life forever and sets him on his quest for revenge against Griffith/Femto.

5. Slaying Dragons



Berserk is a series that has been around for decades, and it continues to capture the imaginations of fans even today. This visual guide to the most epic manga panels offers a glimpse into the history and evolution of Berserk while showcasing some truly awe-inspiring moments from this classic series. Whether you are an old fan or just discovering Berserk now, reading through these amazing panels will be sure to get your blood pumping! Let us know in the comments which panel was your favorite!

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