Club América vs Atlas F.C. Lineups: What To Expect For This Upcoming Matchup

Club América and Atlas F.C. are two of the top teams in Mexico’s Liga MX and their upcoming matchup promises to be an exciting one. With both teams boasting talented lineups, it will be interesting to see how the match plays out. In this blog post, we take a look at each team’s lineup and what fans can expect for the upcoming game. From each team’s strengths and weaknesses to potential strategies, read on to learn more about what this matchup has in store for fans of Mexican football.

Club América’s lineup

This Saturday, Club América will take on Atlas F.C. in what promises to be an exciting match-up. Here is a look at what we can expect from each team’s lineup:

Club América:

Goalkeeper: Agustin Marchesin

Defenders: Bruno Valdez, Edson Alvarez, Paul Aguilar, and Miguel Herrera

Midfielders: Giovani dos Santos, Mateus Uribe, Guido Rodriguez, and Roger Martinez

Forward: Henry Martin

Manager: Miguel Herrera

Atlas F.C.:

Atlas F.C.’s lineup

Atlas F.C. will be looking to take down Club América in their upcoming matchup. Here is a look at what their lineup could look like for this match:

GK: Gibrán Lajud

RB: Jair Pereira

CB: Luis Reyes

CB: Diego Reyes

LB: Rafael Márquez Lugo

CM: Juan Pablo Vigón

CM: Edson Rivera

RW: Matías Alustiza

LW: Carlos Fierro

ST: Zlatan Ibrahimović

What to expect from each team

Assuming both teams field their strongest lineups, Club América should have the edge in this matchup. Their attack is more potent, and their defense is more organized. That said, Atlas always has a chance at home, and they will be fired up for this one.

Expect Club América to come out flying. They will look to put Atlas on their back foot early and often. Their game plan will be to use their speed and quickness to create chances in transition. If they can get an early goal, it will force Atlas to open up and play into América’s hands.

Atlas will look to weather the storm early on. They will try to keep things tight at the back and hit América on the counter. Their best chance of success will be to catch América sleeping and steal a goal against the run of play. If they can hang around long enough, they may be able to snatch a point or three from this one.

How this match will affect the standings

Currently, Club América is in first place with 19 points while Atlas F.C. is in ninth place with 12 points. A win for Club América would solidify their spot at the top of the standings while a win for Atlas F.C. could help them move up a few spots. However, regardless of the result, both teams will still be separated by seven points in the standings.


The upcoming match between Club América and Atlas F.C. promises to be an exciting one, with both teams trying to out-maneuver each other on the pitch. With their respective lineups set and ready to go, there is sure to be something for everyone in this clash of titans. While we can never predict how things will end up until the final whistle blows, we can make educated guesses about who may have the upper hand in this matchup as well as which players should shine brightest throughout it. We wish both teams good luck and hope that whichever team comes out on top, they do so by playing a fair and entertaining game!

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